Aesthetically beautiful


During the photoshoot with my model, I decided to test out the feature 60FPS on my Canon 6d.
Originally, I didn’t plan out to create a video, my plans was just to slow down the video and test it on Final cut pro for myself. But during my last film class, the assignment was to create something personal. In my mind, I had another video planned out but it took to long to assemble the clips and edit them together. Therefore, this video was created.

The reason why its titled ” Aesthetically beautiful ” is because the video has a voice over in Korean. But since the language is unfamiliar to most of us non Koreans, therefore it sounds very beautiful. But we have no idea what the video is really about, but its just aesthetically pleasing to look at. Therefore we create this illusion that the voiceover might have a story to tell or have some deeper meaning, but in reality it could be just a Korean girl reading about chocolate recipe in a sensual way. What I am trying to say, is that beautiful things can be deceiving, and consumer should not just buy anything that is aesthetically beautiful. Does it make any sense?
Probably not.

Will probably correct this text in the early mornings.
Because right now my head is spinning. Good night

Xoxo Sassypixels

Photoshoot at Hanuel Park with a model


This photoshot was done back in November with a korean model at the Hanuel Park.
I thought the park was really beautiful, and it would be a shame if I didn’t have a proper photoshoot, with a proper model. After spamming almost all models at the webpage I finally got some answers and Souyl_Ly was kind enough to show up and work for free in exchange for the pictures.

During the shoot we had some language barrier, because the model didn’t speak english nor did I speak fluently Korean, but the pictures turned out beautifully. At times in different angles I though Soyul looked somewhat similar to Sandara Park from 2NE1, or is it only me?

In the beginning Soyul was somewhat awkward because she is not originally a model, she is actually an actress. So this is the first few times she did a photoshoot, it was kinda hard for her to move around comfortably infront of the camera but eventually, she warmed up and moved gracefully and became a super model on the spot.
Btw, how old do you think Soyul is?
You will never guess the right answer.

Souyl (Her instagram) my model friend is turning 30 years old this year! SAY WHAT???
I was so shocked to find out how old she was, I couldn’t believe my own eyes!
I really thought she was around 25 years old or something… Amagad, korean women age so gracefully here. Anyways, hope you liked my pictures and random rant. Please subscribe to my blog if you want to get updates 🙂

See you around.
Xoxo Sassypixels