Teamlab in Seoul

DSC09702This is pictures from my experience from Teamlab inside Lotteworld in Seoul. The fee for getting in was a little bit high, if I recall it was around 20.000 won = 20 euro. The experience was very unique and fun..but not completely worth 20.000 won. Pictures wouldn’t do justice how pretty it was in the flower garden.

It wasn’t real flower, but more likely projected flowers all over the room. It was so magical!
It was the best part, the rest of tour was pretty was more for kids. Some activities included drawing, and printing your drawing into a scanner which would later project into the wall as a living creature. I drew a turtle, and the scanner gave it life.  I think Teamlab is more suited for family activities, but if you really want that unique selfie picture on the flower wall,  you could consider a visit.

On to another topic, I finally got my new SSD into my mac from 2012.
My macbook is super fast right now! Im so super impressed how fast my macbook opens programs and just read the files so much faster. Now, that my macbook is superior I might consider editing my vlogs from Seoul. It’s just..I need to muster up some courage to put my face and voice online…( that might take a while )


Ut på tur, aldri sur


Hello!Long time no see..(as always)
Let’s catch up a little bit. My time in Seoul is up and I’m now back in Norway again to continue my studies. On this blog I will update in a random order, but I still want the main topic to be Seoul because I have one terabyte external hard drive filled with pictures and videos from the memories I made in South Korea. I still want to put out the pictures I took, but in my own pace with little pressure. So please subscribe to my fanpage to keep track of my random updates if you are interested 🙂

On another side note, I took my first cross country ski trip this Monday. The weather was perfect!
The sun was up, the sky was blue as the ocean and no clouds in sight. It was the best time to test out my friends DJI Phantom 🙂 The DJI was really cool to try out, really easy to navigate but I couldn’t help but think of the price tag if I were to crash that thing. I flew the drone for around for 5 min and gave it back to the owner.

I also whipped out my dusty friend, Canon 70-200mm to take some pretty snow forest pictures.
Overall is was a really good day for drone flying and photography, but not so great for my rusty cross country skiing skills. It was so embarrassing how many times I fell by just going straight down a small hill. I will probably upload a small vlog of the event, so stay tuned.

Xoxo sassypixels

gyeongju day trip

We’d planned ahead before flying to Korea, that our trip to the southern part of South Korea will only be for a weekend, since L wanted to spend most of the remaining time exploring Seoul. Therefore when we were in Busan, we decided to pass by Gyeongju for a day trip, since it was only a few hours away by buss.

But to be honest, we didn’t know what we threw ourself into. We thought we did all the planning ahead, but when we were was quite chaotic. But also very adventerous and fun at the same time. First of, we didnt know exactly how to get from Busan to Gyeongju.
We knew that they had quite a few options, but we wanted the cheapest and fastest way since we were on a student budget. L was the brain, she did some research, and found a route by taking the subway to the end of Busan. Then magically jump onto a buss that would take us Gyeongju, and amazingly it did!

We felt so cool sitting on the right buss, taking us to right place without knowing any korean. Both L and me, smiled and thought this was going to be a smooth day. But, nope.
When we arrived at Gyeongju, we were supposed to take a tourist buss that would charge around 20.000 won per person, in return the buss would take us to the most popular spots in Gyeongju.

Upon arrival, we found out that we were 1 hour to late ( even thought it was only 11.00 am ). The last buss has already departed, and there was no more busses for today 🙁

We panicked and thought this was the end of our Gyeongju trip. At first we were thinking of renting a taxi driver for a day, but the price was to damn high. In the end we asked the tourist center if it was possible to take the public transport to all of the attractions and they said yes 🙂

We mustered up some courage, and got some help from the tourist center and jumped on some random buss. But somehow, we managed to get through the whole day, by only using our T-money. It wasn’t easy, because no one could understand us, but it was super cheap 🙂
I think we spent around 10.000 won = 7 euro ish for a whole day of public transport.

We managed to see :
– Bulguksa temple as you can see in the pictures of this whole post
– Cheonmachong tomb
– Seokguram

These attractions were all in one area so it was convenient. We also planned to see the Anapji pond but time wasn’t on our side by the end of the day. If anyone is reading, does anyone want a better explanation how to get around Gyeongju by public transport?
Is there anyone reading my text, or maybe you are all just schrolling through?

Xoxo Sassypixels

Why am I in Seoul?


Not your average princess

Hello, welcome to my blog!
A lot of you guys, are wondering why I am in Seoul and what I am doing here, it seems like I just packed my bag and moved to Seoul. But, let me explain what I’ve been up 🙂


Jeju Island

First of some of my friends might wonder, what happened after Norwegian school of photography in Trondheim?
I graduated in fall 2014 with a certificate of apprenticeship from the Norwegian school of photography. Back then I was to afraid to start something of my own after graduating, or work as an assistant for another photographer, so I decided the safest route was to go back to school.

I decided to do one year of art in Notodden and just do something I really had a passion for but never had the guts to it with 100 %. Graduated in 2015 from Notodden, with a one year diploma within art under my belt. But doing art as a full time job wasn’t my calling. While doing art in Notodden, I went deep inside of myself and tried to figure out what I want my future workspace to look like. I asked myself, where do I see myself in 5-10 years, and what would make me happy?


L and me in traditional clothing

To be honest, if I had the chance I would go all in for photography.
It would make me very happy, and I would live a blissful life. But in reality photography is very hard as a full time job. The life of a photography assistant is very hard, and many photographers take advantage of the assistants and they give them many hours of work and way to little pay.

So I had to be smart about my choice, and I have to be honest with myself.
I wrote down things that were important to me, for example I knew wanted to have a normal Norwegian pay, and I want to have retirement funds when I grow old. Basically any normal Norwegian job, except photography because in create fields you have to set up your own funds.


Summoning a beast infront of the heavens gate in Gyeongju

After a lot of thinking, contemplating and soul searching I found my answer. I wanted to jump into the IT world and become a webdesigner or web developer, because it was the closes thing to being creative with a decent income. So, in 2015 I applied to Høgskolen i Gjøvik, but has now become NTNU Gjøvik. Because it became NTNU Gjøvik, it had opened up more opportunities for exchanging abroad. I choose South Korea, because its a destination I really wanted to see since I was 16 years old because of the influence of Kpop and Kdrama. So, here I am in Seoul, been living here for 3 months and I love it. I really wished I could stay here for 1 year! But if I extend my stay, I will delay my bachelor which is not an option. So now you know, why I am in Seoul.

Long story short : I am doing an exchange program in Seoul, through my bachelor degree.

Xoxo Sassypixels

I want it all!


The spring/summer collection from Alena Akhmadullina, she was inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave Off Kanagawa. I really wanted the dress, or maybe the one piece. I only need to throw out 1600 dollars for the dress, and around 2000 dollars for the one piece.
Easy money. No problem, I got this.

Xoxo Sassypixels