Myeondong shopping

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After our Hanbok photoshoot we were so dehydrated, and so ready to leave the Bukchon Hanok area. We were also super hungry and we wanted food! We were craving for korean BBQ! So, the next stop had to be Myeodong!

Myeondong is a very famous touristic shopping street, they have everything there but its also very overwhelming because of the crowd. Sometimes you have to queue just to walk a few meters.  They have all the brands and shops divided into small streets, so it’s very easy to get lost there. But you can sometimes spot some tourist guide in red jackets and hats, and ask for a map and they will kindly highlight the shops for you or help you get back to the subway.

We were pretty exhausted by the end of the day, so we didn’t do much shopping, but a quick stop at Åland. Åland is raved by so many youtubers and bloggers, it’s a recommended spot for fabulous hip clothes..or so we thought.

The shop was cool, but their clothes was in such bad quality. We could see that these clothes were fast fashion, and the lines in the clothes was so poorly sewed and a lot of the threads was hanging out and looking unfinished. The staff was horrible, they acted like they were to cool to help us, really unpleasant. So in my opinion, just go in there  for window shopping but nothing is worth buying there. Because a lot of the stuff they sold could be easily found in other shops but for a cheaper price.



IMG_8419 IMG_8430 IMG_8435 IMG_8441 IMG_8443 IMG_8458 IMG_8567 IMG_8592 IMG_8595 IMG_8599 IMG_8688What is a Hanbok?
A hanbok is a korean traditional dress, it is recognised by its vibrant colours.  In the old days, people had different coloured hanboks for different social status.  If you had a colorful hanbok with bright colors, you could be recognized as a maid working for the royals.  In short, this is the korean version of a bunad.

Nowadays, as a touristic attraction you could rent a simple hanbok for around 7000 won = 50 NOK,  per person.  That’s the cheapest price I found around the area of Hanok village. The pricier it gets, the more fancier of a hanbok.

We were running around the Hanok village, when we randomly found this cheap rental place. You could pay 7000 won, and rent for as long as possible, but you were restricted to an area. In that area, you had some props that we took good use of, as seen in the pictures above.
Most girls, that do these hanbok photo shoots, they do it very gracefully and very femininely. Meanwhile we decided to do it in a different and unique style, we didn’t want to be cute. We wanted to be awesome!

Some people gave us some weird looks, and I can totally understand. At first we tried the normal cute approach, but became very fed up and just wanted to spin around like crazy. The heat was intolerable that day, and I sweated so much by wearing that hanbok. Maybe, we if we did this shoot during the fall..I might have been more patient, but during the heat is was so horrible and I just wanted to finish and get out of the hanbok asap! Hope you have a good laugh as I did, while I edited these pictures.


Bukchon Hanok village – Seoul day 1

The Busan chapter is over. We spent around 3-4 days in Busan and it was enough time to explore the seaside. A vlog will come as soon as possible.
We took the KTX train back to Seoul. After arriving in Seoul, L had around 5 days to explore the city before she had to fly back to Norway. We planned out everything into detail and crossed our fingers that we would have enough time to do everything. On the first day, we went to explore the famous Bukchon Hanok Village. It is a very touristic place, partly because a lot of popular Korean period dramas have been shot in this location. The cool old-school architecture there is kept in mint condition in the middle of Seoul. Some of the the houses are up to 150 years old and some even older.

On the day we visited Bukchon Hanok Village, the weather was so freaking hot!We just felt like we were melting away. It was horrible! I sweated so much, I could probably produce mini pools under my arms. Still, the village was lovely. They had so many cute shops and restaurants all over the place. I totally recommend this spot for shopping and leisure. We also managed to cross out hanbok photo shoot on our bucket list. We paid around 7000 KRW = 50 NOK for each dress. But that post will be published tomorrow, stay tuned.


not your average model

SELFIE SELFIE SELFIE, all over the place.
I can see that my blog is not doing quite well, so I thought I had to save it by posting a shiet ton of selfies. Why is that whenever someone is posting a selfie online it gets more attention, and likes than other post?

Meanwhile, post that I’ve spent time and energy on, which is more thoughtful and is way more clever..never gets the same amount of attention or comments. On the other hand a selfie post, sparks so much more life in the comment section.

Anyways, these photos was taken at the Hanuel Park aka Skypark on the outskirt of Seoul.
This was one of the first visits, I was super excited and it was way more beautiful than I’ve imagined. But the downside, was that I didn’t bring a model that day, it was only me and LV. So my friend LV, had to put up with my graceful model act. You can all see how comfortable I am in front of the camera, and my graceful movements.

Lets just call this experience a test shoot, before the real deal arrives. I was so taken aback how beautiful this place was, that I had to come back another time with a model..and I did.  The pictures with the model can be seen in another blog spot, if you schrooll a little bit to the past. That photo shot turned out to be amazing and beyond my expectations .


Dining at jagalchi market

Let’s talk about my dining experience at the Jagalchi fish market. I’ve heard so many positive things about this place. People say that the fish is high-quality and super fresh and that the price is reasonable compared to Seoul. The praise just goes on and on..But when we arrived at Jagalchi market, it was totally chaotic. Some of the restaurants were so desperate for costumers that they started to pull us in different directions which made us feel slightly uncomfortable. But when we got deeper into the building, some restaurants were so busy they just ignored their costumers. After walking back and forth a thousand times, we finally found a restaurant that we were comfortable with. They had an English menu and the waitress did understand some basic English. It was, however, easier just to point at the items and nod.

The seafood was incredibly fresh. So fresh me and L almost didn’t have the heart to eat it. We ordered grilled shrimp, seafood soup, and grilled eel. When I ordered the eel, I somehow imagined it was going to be cooked Japanese style where the eel is perfectly grilled over charcoal and served with this delicious barbecue sauce on. But Korean style is entirely different. The eel was so fresh, we could see it still moving around when the heat was turned on. It was terrifying sight to behold. The eel looked like it was in so much pain which totally killed our appetite. We didn’t want to waste the food, so we tried to eat as much as possible. The soup tasted and smelled like the sea and little else. I don’t know how else to describe it. I felt like it lacked some seasoning. The shrimp was overcooked and a little bit dry. The eel was very spicy and they hadn’t cleaned it thoroughly so we could still see some of entrails and a lot of bones. I tried to chew some eel meat and then spit out the bones, but in the end I just swallowed everything..because I’m an amateur.

When the bill came, it was pricier then what we expected. The meal wasn’t worth the price and the whole thing felt a little bit like a scam. But I’ve heard that it’s recommended to bring a Korean friend to these kinds of places, because then someone can bargain for you and choose from the “secret” items that aren’t included in the English menu.

Would I recommend this place?
Yes and no. Yes, because you need to see the awesome fish selection they have there. You will discover some sea creatures you didn’t even know existed and probably won’t see at an aquarium. No, because you shouldn’t eat a meal there. But if you still wanna try, try to bring a local friend so he/she can bargain for you because the food we got was not that impressive considering the high price.


Jagalchi Market


Last Busan post was months ago…but I thought I might as well continue the post.
After rounding the Busan Gamcheon Culture Village we headed back to the city center and we were starving. On our agenda we’d planned the famous korean fish market, we have heard lots of positive feedback online, the food was very very fresh and delicious. On our way to the fishmarket, we saw a few interesting sea creatures…a few of them I’ve never seen before. If someone of you know the scientific name of the sea penis please leave a comment bellow.

When you enter the fish marked, it reeks of the ocean (duh), the building is super big and you could walk miles and miles. They have everything there, its like walking into a very crowded aquarium for free!
So, how do we dine at the fish marked?

Option 1:
1. You pick out things you want to eat, at the marked.
2. Pay for it, and you ask the lady where the restaurant is.
3. Bring your sea creature to the second floor, to any random restaurant.
4. Ask the restaurant to prepare the fish for you, but they will charge you some extra fees. From 10.000 – 30.000 won, depends on how fluent you are in korean and your bargain skills.

Option 2:
1. Walk straight up the second floor. Find a restaurant, it might be overwhelming. Because they want to get customers, so some of them might literally pull you to their restaurant.
2. When you find the place you want to eat, ask for an english meny. Most of the restaurants do have it, and the ahjummas do understand basic english.
3. Point at the stuff you want eat, on the meny. Wait 5-10 min and is on the table! 🙂

But, I will tell you more about our food experience on another post..
Stay tuned.


Welcome to my youtube channel!

Well, here it is. The youtube intro. Hope this is the start of my youtube channel!
This trailer took me 6 hours to make, but it was so pleasant to work with my new SSD disk.
The SSD disk  just loaded all the files so fast, and Final cut never crashed which is used to do.

I hope you like this small trailer, and please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel to get updates! I have to run out of the door now, because I am literally 2 hours a late for a parteyyy..and I didn’t even get dressed yet -_-

Have a nice weekend, bye! 

Ut på tur, aldri sur


Hello!Long time no see..(as always)
Let’s catch up a little bit. My time in Seoul is up and I’m now back in Norway again to continue my studies. On this blog I will update in a random order, but I still want the main topic to be Seoul because I have one terabyte external hard drive filled with pictures and videos from the memories I made in South Korea. I still want to put out the pictures I took, but in my own pace with little pressure. So please subscribe to my fanpage to keep track of my random updates if you are interested 🙂

On another side note, I took my first cross country ski trip this Monday. The weather was perfect!
The sun was up, the sky was blue as the ocean and no clouds in sight. It was the best time to test out my friends DJI Phantom 🙂 The DJI was really cool to try out, really easy to navigate but I couldn’t help but think of the price tag if I were to crash that thing. I flew the drone for around for 5 min and gave it back to the owner.

I also whipped out my dusty friend, Canon 70-200mm to take some pretty snow forest pictures.
Overall is was a really good day for drone flying and photography, but not so great for my rusty cross country skiing skills. It was so embarrassing how many times I fell by just going straight down a small hill. I will probably upload a small vlog of the event, so stay tuned.

Xoxo sassypixels

Aesthetically beautiful


During the photoshoot with my model, I decided to test out the feature 60FPS on my Canon 6d.
Originally, I didn’t plan out to create a video, my plans was just to slow down the video and test it on Final cut pro for myself. But during my last film class, the assignment was to create something personal. In my mind, I had another video planned out but it took to long to assemble the clips and edit them together. Therefore, this video was created.

The reason why its titled ” Aesthetically beautiful ” is because the video has a voice over in Korean. But since the language is unfamiliar to most of us non Koreans, therefore it sounds very beautiful. But we have no idea what the video is really about, but its just aesthetically pleasing to look at. Therefore we create this illusion that the voiceover might have a story to tell or have some deeper meaning, but in reality it could be just a Korean girl reading about chocolate recipe in a sensual way. What I am trying to say, is that beautiful things can be deceiving, and consumer should not just buy anything that is aesthetically beautiful. Does it make any sense?
Probably not.

Will probably correct this text in the early mornings.
Because right now my head is spinning. Good night

Xoxo Sassypixels