My first header for famwangaasegg

Hello world, welcome to my blog which is still under construction.
It has been under construction since forever, and I can’t seem to get this blog running.
I have so many projects, I want to work on such as :
– Pictures from my Vietnam trip from 2015
– Pictures from my Spain trip during December 2015
– Edit videoes, from my go pro files etc.
– I need to update my portfolio and keep Facebook fanpage alive.
– I need to update content on this blog.

But everything is in chaos. I don’t know where to start, or where to end things.
I want to do everything, but in the end I do nothing because all the task seem impossible on top of a busy student life. Lately, I have been thinking about designing webpages for bloggers and try and make a small living out of it since my student budget won’t cover all my expenses.

I am starting out with headers, hopefully I will become a HTML&CSS God when summer is near.
Speaking of headers, I just made my first header for my first costumer
which looks like this :

What do you think?
I’m contemplating if I should make a separate page for my designs in the future, or just smash everything on one blog? Maybe it will be confusing and messy, or maybe it will work out?
Any suggestions, anyone?
If there is anyone in need of a customized header, you can contact me on my facefanpage :

My fanpage is newly created, so its kinda empty for the moment. But I am trying the best that I can to fill in information. Please be patient.

Right now, I am trying to update this blog, update my photography fanpage, and update my new design fanpage… and last but not least try to clean my freaking room which has gathered to much dust for the past few weeks. Ah, adult life. So hard sometimes.

confused student

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