gyeongju day trip

We’d planned ahead before flying to Korea, that our trip to the southern part of South Korea will only be for a weekend, since L wanted to spend most of the remaining time exploring Seoul. Therefore when we were in Busan, we decided to pass by Gyeongju for a day trip, since it was only a few hours away by buss.

But to be honest, we didn’t know what we threw ourself into. We thought we did all the planning ahead, but when we were was quite chaotic. But also very adventerous and fun at the same time. First of, we didnt know exactly how to get from Busan to Gyeongju.
We knew that they had quite a few options, but we wanted the cheapest and fastest way since we were on a student budget. L was the brain, she did some research, and found a route by taking the subway to the end of Busan. Then magically jump onto a buss that would take us Gyeongju, and amazingly it did!

We felt so cool sitting on the right buss, taking us to right place without knowing any korean. Both L and me, smiled and thought this was going to be a smooth day. But, nope.
When we arrived at Gyeongju, we were supposed to take a tourist buss that would charge around 20.000 won per person, in return the buss would take us to the most popular spots in Gyeongju.

Upon arrival, we found out that we were 1 hour to late ( even thought it was only 11.00 am ). The last buss has already departed, and there was no more busses for today πŸ™

We panicked and thought this was the end of our Gyeongju trip. At first we were thinking of renting a taxi driver for a day, but the price was to damn high. In the end we asked the tourist center if it was possible to take the public transport to all of the attractions and they said yes πŸ™‚

We mustered up some courage, and got some help from the tourist center and jumped on some random buss. But somehow, we managed to get through the whole day, by only using our T-money. It wasn’t easy, because no one could understand us, but it was super cheap πŸ™‚
I think we spent around 10.000 won = 7 euro ish for a whole day of public transport.

We managed to see :
– Bulguksa temple as you can see in the pictures of this whole post
– Cheonmachong tomb
– Seokguram

These attractions were all in one area so it was convenient. We also planned to see the Anapji pond but time wasn’t on our side by the end of the day. If anyone is reading, does anyone want a better explanation how to get around Gyeongju by public transport?
Is there anyone reading my text, or maybe you are all just schrolling through?

Xoxo Sassypixels

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