Ut på tur, aldri sur


Hello!Long time no see..(as always)
Let’s catch up a little bit. My time in Seoul is up and I’m now back in Norway again to continue my studies. On this blog I will update in a random order, but I still want the main topic to be Seoul because I have one terabyte external hard drive filled with pictures and videos from the memories I made in South Korea. I still want to put out the pictures I took, but in my own pace with little pressure. So please subscribe to my fanpage to keep track of my random updates if you are interested 🙂

On another side note, I took my first cross country ski trip this Monday. The weather was perfect!
The sun was up, the sky was blue as the ocean and no clouds in sight. It was the best time to test out my friends DJI Phantom 🙂 The DJI was really cool to try out, really easy to navigate but I couldn’t help but think of the price tag if I were to crash that thing. I flew the drone for around for 5 min and gave it back to the owner.

I also whipped out my dusty friend, Canon 70-200mm to take some pretty snow forest pictures.
Overall is was a really good day for drone flying and photography, but not so great for my rusty cross country skiing skills. It was so embarrassing how many times I fell by just going straight down a small hill. I will probably upload a small vlog of the event, so stay tuned.

Xoxo sassypixels

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