IMG_8419 IMG_8430 IMG_8435 IMG_8441 IMG_8443 IMG_8458 IMG_8567 IMG_8592 IMG_8595 IMG_8599 IMG_8688What is a Hanbok?
A hanbok is a korean traditional dress, it is recognised by its vibrant colours.  In the old days, people had different coloured hanboks for different social status.  If you had a colorful hanbok with bright colors, you could be recognized as a maid working for the royals.  In short, this is the korean version of a bunad.

Nowadays, as a touristic attraction you could rent a simple hanbok for around 7000 won = 50 NOK,  per person.  That’s the cheapest price I found around the area of Hanok village. The pricier it gets, the more fancier of a hanbok.

We were running around the Hanok village, when we randomly found this cheap rental place. You could pay 7000 won, and rent for as long as possible, but you were restricted to an area. In that area, you had some props that we took good use of, as seen in the pictures above.
Most girls, that do these hanbok photo shoots, they do it very gracefully and very femininely. Meanwhile we decided to do it in a different and unique style, we didn’t want to be cute. We wanted to be awesome!

Some people gave us some weird looks, and I can totally understand. At first we tried the normal cute approach, but became very fed up and just wanted to spin around like crazy. The heat was intolerable that day, and I sweated so much by wearing that hanbok. Maybe, we if we did this shoot during the fall..I might have been more patient, but during the heat is was so horrible and I just wanted to finish and get out of the hanbok asap! Hope you have a good laugh as I did, while I edited these pictures.


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