Bukchon Hanok village – Seoul day 1

The Busan chapter is over. We spent around 3-4 days in Busan and it was enough time to explore the seaside. A vlog will come as soon as possible.
We took the KTX train back to Seoul. After arriving in Seoul, L had around 5 days to explore the city before she had to fly back to Norway. We planned out everything into detail and crossed our fingers that we would have enough time to do everything. On the first day, we went to explore the famous Bukchon Hanok Village. It is a very touristic place, partly because a lot of popular Korean period dramas have been shot in this location. The cool old-school architecture there is kept in mint condition in the middle of Seoul. Some of the the houses are up to 150 years old and some even older.

On the day we visited Bukchon Hanok Village, the weather was so freaking hot!We just felt like we were melting away. It was horrible! I sweated so much, I could probably produce mini pools under my arms. Still, the village was lovely. They had so many cute shops and restaurants all over the place. I totally recommend this spot for shopping and leisure. We also managed to cross out hanbok photo shoot on our bucket list. We paid around 7000 KRW = 50 NOK for each dress. But that post will be published tomorrow, stay tuned.


Gamcheon village in Busan

Hello, dear readers 🙂
I won’t have this blog in chronological order, to be honest it will be a mess.
I will update the blog according to my mood, meaning sometimes I will write about past event or perhaps current events. The reason behind this is sometimes I feel super excited about the current events and if I were to post it in a chronological order the post wont be online before 3 months later and the passion I had will be gone. So here it goes a messy blog…

I knew that when I start my uni life in Seoul, it would be harder to travel around due to the the strict school policy in Korea. So I decided to arrive 2 weeks before to travel around South Korea and do everything I wanted to do on my buckets list. I brought with me a companion from Norway, my dear friend L as you can see on the picture above. Thank you L for being so patience with my photography and thank you for being my model during the entire trip.

We arrived in Seoul on the 18. august, spent one night at a hotel.  The day after we, took the bullet train to Busan. We arrived at the hotel, dumped our things and decided to explore the famous favilla of Busan. We blindly just took a buss to somewhere, with a little bit of luck and magic we managed to arrived at the Gamcheun village on the top of the mountains in Busan. The first impression was breathtaking, it did look somewhat similar to the favilla in Rio at the first glance. But looking closer, the Gamcheun village was much more colourful and modern, not to mention a lot more safer than the one in Rio.

img_7470We had no clue where to walk around in the village, so we just randomly choose a path.
But 10 mins later, we were lost and dehydrated. The heat in Busan was killing us, it was 34 degrees in the air, but amagad the humidity was killing us!! I felt like a polar bear walking in a dessert, totally misplaced. We were drenched in sweat by just walking a few steps, my forehead was constantly wet and so was the rest of my body 🙁  Luckily we found shade and a cute coffee shop around the corner, we ordered two smoothies and took a rest in the shade.

After the rest, we asked around for some advice where to go, because we were at the bottom of the favilla. So far, we only saw a few people walking around, and the rest of the street was quite empty and quiet. The advice was to walk up, and follow the path with signs, and we did.
Suddenly out of nowhere we arrived at crowded street, with a lot tourists and (many) cute korean shops. We knew we were at the right place 🙂

From that point on, we just followed the path and found a lot street food and many cute accessories shop on the side walk. I also spotted the famous raindrop cake, which is has gone viral on youtube for a while. The raindrop cake has its origin from Japan, but somehow they were selling it here in Busan, so thought to myself why not?
To be honest the raindrop cake, tasted like asian jelly. It wasn’t that amazing as people had described it, that it would just melt of your tongue etc…
But maybe its not the authentic thing, since I am buying in from Busan, and not Kyoto? Meh…who knows.

Anyways by the end of that day, we found this cool little quote on the wall :


Xoxo Sassypixels