not your average model

SELFIE SELFIE SELFIE, all over the place.
I can see that my blog is not doing quite well, so I thought I had to save it by posting a shiet ton of selfies. Why is that whenever someone is posting a selfie online it gets more attention, and likes than other post?

Meanwhile, post that I’ve spent time and energy on, which is more thoughtful and is way more clever..never gets the same amount of attention or comments. On the other hand a selfie post, sparks so much more life in the comment section.

Anyways, these photos was taken at the Hanuel Park aka Skypark on the outskirt of Seoul.
This was one of the first visits, I was super excited and it was way more beautiful than I’ve imagined. But the downside, was that I didn’t bring a model that day, it was only me and LV. So my friend LV, had to put up with my graceful model act. You can all see how comfortable I am in front of the camera, and my graceful movements.

Lets just call this experience a test shoot, before the real deal arrives. I was so taken aback how beautiful this place was, that I had to come back another time with a model..and I did.  The pictures with the model can be seen in another blog spot, if you schrooll a little bit to the past. That photo shot turned out to be amazing and beyond my expectations .


Teamlab in Seoul

DSC09702This is pictures from my experience from Teamlab inside Lotteworld in Seoul. The fee for getting in was a little bit high, if I recall it was around 20.000 won = 20 euro. The experience was very unique and fun..but not completely worth 20.000 won. Pictures wouldn’t do justice how pretty it was in the flower garden.

It wasn’t real flower, but more likely projected flowers all over the room. It was so magical!
It was the best part, the rest of tour was pretty was more for kids. Some activities included drawing, and printing your drawing into a scanner which would later project into the wall as a living creature. I drew a turtle, and the scanner gave it life.  I think Teamlab is more suited for family activities, but if you really want that unique selfie picture on the flower wall,  you could consider a visit.

On to another topic, I finally got my new SSD into my mac from 2012.
My macbook is super fast right now! Im so super impressed how fast my macbook opens programs and just read the files so much faster. Now, that my macbook is superior I might consider editing my vlogs from Seoul. It’s just..I need to muster up some courage to put my face and voice online…( that might take a while )


Hanuel Park


Today I realised that I’ve been in Seoul for around 3 months now, which means that I only have 2 months left here 🙁

That fact made me panic, I’ve now planned out everything I should do before I leave this busy town.I’ve made a schedule for all the days in the month, and I am crossing my fingers that I get to explore everything and have no regrets before I go back home.
I am also trying to breath life in this blog and youtube, while I am in Korea but most likely I know myself…it will be a handfull and I will end up giving it up -_-

As you can see at the picture above, I’ve been to the Hanuel Park aka the Sky park.
The view is really breathtaking and no picture can do justice, I really recommend this place for everyone who is passing by Seoul. Very picture perfect environment, but I do recommend to go during week days and not weekends. It will be crowded, and you have to cue to climb up the mountain, but during week days there is no one who will disturb you during your selfies.
Wanna say thank you to my new apprentice Levy, who captured my face on the perfect side 🙂

Oki, will try and get some sleep now.
Good night